The proverbial “game of two halves”, saw the game tied 1-1 at half-time only for the Albion to eventually lose 3-1.

The first half saw a fine finish from Tom, lobbing the keeper with a shinned finish that the watching Jade would have been proud of. In recognition of this, Tom won his second “MOM” in as many weeks with 5 votes, only Matt coming close with 3. The returning Dunc and Woody picking up 1 vote each, to tie third.

Bike Loving Will Carlile : Ran out of bike pictures. Moved onto scooters.

Bike Loving Will Carlile : Ran out of bike pictures. Moved onto scooters.

During the pre-match warm-up, Westminster were animatedly discussing the ability of stand in keeper Luke. The standard comments of “he’s not their usual keeper” and “get shots off and test him”, were heard. That is before I reminded them that we had in fact signed Luke from them and that he was playing in goal at the time. For this “Westminster” picked up a couple of votes in “Henri Leconte”.

The ref also picked up a couple of votes for giving a first half penalty against bike-loving Will Carlie, despite it being a good bikes length outside the box. This was followed by awarding a corner which was in fact a throw in, from which Westminster subsequently scored.

Limping across the finish line in the “winning” position was “Calcium Kid”, Sean Holden. Picking up his first “Henri Leconte” for going off with a muscle strain, 2 minutes after I’d made both of our substitutions and leaving us with 10 men for the last half an hour.

Sean admitted, “Needing deep tissue massage” for the ailment. If only he’d given us a heads up, as watching General Manager Jade Barker has a history of performing sensual massage at Sunday league games and could have prevented the injury.

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