Nick Milne

Nick MilneFind out how Nick nearly became the most capped England U-21 international in history, psyching yourself up to Dido, and what it’s like to be pulled by a Premiership footballer.





Name: Nicholas Ross Milne
Age: 23
Height:5ft 8 and a bit
Previous clubs: University of Manchester 1st XI, Guildford and Godalming Youth, Guildford Saints, Worcester County, Worcester district and Soccer Scene (not the shop…)
Club you support: Aston Villa and Hearts ( I am Scottish.FACT)
Favourite food: Crispy Aromatic Duck pancakes with a splash of hoi sin and a nicely cut cucumber
Favourite film: Old School/The Motorcycle Diaries
Favourite TV programme: Peep Show
Favourite player: Matthew Jarvis – Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Can attract ladies when your on a night out (nothing to do with being a prem footballer of course), buys you drinks and THEN gives you a lift home. Definitely my favourite …..
Player you are most like: Remember that little Brazilian that played for Middlesborough? Like him but with more pace, a better delivery and a wee bit taller…….
Heroes outside of football: Danny Wallace. Comedian that started his own country and cult. Legend.
Do you have any non Albion nicknames: Koves, Kovac, Weasel, Maverick, Jew and Milney.
Best subject at school: Business Studies. I loved Maslows Hierarchy of needs. It excited me.
Superstitions: Never go on a night out with a loaded gun.
Career highlight: Playing for Aston Villa u14s and hearing a bunch of guys saying “That Milne is quality, a star for the future, he is definitely going to make it big….”….Only to find out at the end of the game that they must have actually said “That MilneR is quality, a star for the future, he is definitely going to make it big”…
Turn’s out that the kid that had scored a ridiculous hat trick for Leeds United U14’S was actually James Milner…… For a whole 65 minutes i was already planning my future ferrari, girlfriend (Mila Jovovich at the time if you were wondering, just saw Fifth Element) and mansion. Nice dream though (I should have probably concentrated on playing rather than day dreaming) Oh well, you win some…….
Favourite music: An eclectic taste
Other job: Latin American Travel Consultant
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: I listened to DIDO today, however i think that was more to calm me and reassure me that the gaffer wasn’t going to break my balls for my tardiness. That lady has one relaxing voice.
If you had a sister, which Albiones would you not you let her date and why: Northern. He doesn’t even ask if he can put his balls in people’s mouths
Best piece of footballing advice: Triangles. It’s all about triangles.
Favourite football game of all-time: One of those Dutch/Czech Republic 3-2/4-3 classics
Favourite drink: Mojito
Pre-match meal: I had a cherry yoghurt today.
Worst football pundit: Alan Shearer. DIRE.
Pin-up: Kate Beckinsdale/ Penelope Cruz/Eva Mendes. All in one please.
Pick your all-time greatest team:
GK- Schmeichel
Lb- Bobby Carlos
CB- Beckenbauer
CB- Cannavaro
RB- Cafu
RW- Nicholas Ross Milne
CM- Ponytail Baggio
CM- Zidane
LW – Cruyff
CF- Pele
CF- Maradona (i will only let him play if he doesn’t run up to the camera after scoring and demonstrate to 2 billion people that  there is a high probability that he has taken an illegal substance. Drugs are bad kids.Drugs are bad.)

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