Jim Pomeroy

The midfield maestro talks middle class food and middle of the road football teams, including why he’d happily offer up his sister to Walter.

Pomeroy - Keen on avocado and mushrooms on toast

Pomeroy – Keen on avocado and mushrooms on toast

Name: Jim Pomeroy
Age: 24
Height: 5ft 10 1/2 inches
Previous clubs: Totnes, Chelston, Dawlish, LSE
Club you support: Argyle
Favourite food: Avocado and mushroom on gluten free toast. Sorry.
Favourite film: Withnail and I
Favourite TV programme: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Favourite player: Cantona, Zidane, Henry – French arrogance and beauty in equal measure.
Player you are most like: Xabi Alonso on a good day; Glenn Whelan on a bad one.
Do you have any non-Albion nicknames: Baby Jim, Poozy.
Best subject at school: All of them.
Superstitions: I hum Semper Fidelis, the marching song of the US Marines before kick off in every Albion match. Argyle walk out to the same track.
If you had a sister, which Albiones would you not you let her date and why: Walter is the only one I’d let her marry. He’s an excellent person. And he makes a ton on the accas.
Career highlight: Scoring a last minute winner against Exeter City in a trial match. I wasn’t picked up.
Favourite music: Disco.
Job: Children’s Social Worker.
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: Normally by finding someone to moan at that Saturday afternoon is a far better time to play football.
Best piece of footballing advice: Watch the ball.
Favourite football game of all-time: Argentina 0 England 1, World Cup 2002. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Favourite drink: Cider.
Pre-match meal: One banana, and a Berocca if hungover. Leftover kebab if tipsy.
Worst football pundit: “And Brighton have beaten Southampton 4-2, which is exactly the same result as last year when they won 3-1.” Oh for the day when the evergreen Des Lynam graced our screens.
Pin-up: Woody Harrelson, or Des Lynam.
All-time greatest football team 11:
The Went On To Better Things post-Argyle XI: (3-5-2)

Shilton, Peter (Technically better pre-Argyle, but he never managed again, which counts as a marked improvement).
West, Taribo (Rumoured to be in his 40s when he joined Argyle in 2005, West rebooted his career as a purveyor of colourful hair braids in Qods, Iran).
Connolly, Paul (Just a decent right-back, really).
Peter Reid’s England Caps (After years of protecting Reid’s sparsely covered head, Reid’s caps (and medals) were sold to pay the heating bill. Now resting on Niall Quinn’s mantelpiece).
Gosling, Dan (Joined Newcastle when Everton forgot to renew his contract).
Buzsacky, Akos (20 caps for Hungary, 4 International Goals!).
Bolasie, Yannick (Palace prodigy).
Puncheon, Jason (Couldn’t get a game in Devon, now thriving).
Sinclair, Scott (Technically ours on loan, but we started his career).
Mason, Joe (scored in 2012 League Cup Final.)
Mariner, Paul (Ipswich, Arsenal, England…You’ve heard of him!!)
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