Albion Season Review 2010/2011

Albion FC

2010 / 2011 First Division Champions


The Interview

JM: So Jade, first things first. It must be nice to have someone else win the Henri Leconte award this season?

Jade Barker: Well I think this season I’ve been low key on the HL front, I can’t think of too many things I may have done or said that warranted a vote.

However, goading the team when saving penalties then to end up stuck in the net after keeping Vilem out and almost breaking my neck at the same time was very close.

I think, Will delivered some beauties almost every week on HL, but it was justified that Barny dressed as Bill Oddie imitating Dustin Gee, I mean Hoffman was classic.


JM: This question is sponsored by Gary Newbon: Albion have just become Division 1 Champions. How good does it feel Jade?

JB: It feels very good, it’s not like a threesome with Catherine Zeta Jones, Halle Berry & Christina Hendricks, Red Bull, Viagra & duct tape with no work in the morning…..which is pretty good. However it’s a total justification of what I believed the team could achieve over the last 3 years. We have learned from every game we have played what it takes to improve & win. We were extremely close in 2010 & with the strength, desire coupled with the spirit & drive to keep winning this has made this feel quite special.


JM: Back in October 2010, the team had picked up just 6 points from 5 league games. Did you ever start to wonder if it was going to be a tough and trophyless season?

JB: Every season is tougher than the last, the determination & expectation level increases for each team, it’s whether each player has the drive & ability to succeed & deliver these objectives competitively every week towards the ultimate goal of 3pts, the next round, the trophy. The 4th game of this sequence we were poor all over (Including me) & did not make it a credible game, except for the substitutes. In all the other games we battled & created opportunities which with hard work rewarded us with wins. I never felt it would be trophy less, but the team had to learn quickly to maintain belief, concentration & focus. Dave, Jindy, Will, Stew, Vilem have delivered experience vital to getting us here, but for this and the talent of the squad we may never have enjoyed the wins against Whitehorse, De Novo & Southbank. The Albion spirit of Kobs, SJB, Nolans was evident a few times this season, that’s why we’re champions.


JM: Other than capturing a trophy, what pleases you most about this season? And what’s the one thing you’ll remember most?

JB: The consistent ability to respond to challenges, be that Bill & Barny’s absence through injury, Jim’s absence, coming back from losing positions or our maturity & pride in doing things the right way at the club.

We’ve never been a 1 or 2 man team or a one season wonder, the lads have shown this. Apart from the trophy I’ll remember how much this club means to the players that play & have been associated with it past & present. The awards night was pretty high up there, I was glad to see everybody there having a great time & with some reward for their efforts, for me the stories to winning are often better than the win itself. From last season to this was a good story & also Huracan’s story was uplifting.


JM: What could have been done better? Where do you think there is room for improvement?

JB: We could have been more ruthless with players & ourselves with feedback during the season for poor performance & personality. I have a lot of faith but on occasion that faith may have been best served in getting other players involved sooner. It may have turned draws/defeats into wins. Tough one, as we are not here to motivate players, but to get the best of players who are motivated & spirited yet possess the attributes to grow themselves, their team mates & the club.

Improvements can be made with honest assessments of ones performance. Players need to challenge themselves harder with their own physical performance & constructive criticism as only then can they get the best from themselves. The team will benefit by continued honesty & it’s inspiring to see the improvement an individual can make once they push themselves physically & mentally to their optimum. Duncan could also write a match report.


JM: What have you learnt as a manager from this season?

JB: You mean aside from using Dave as a navigator, using the toilet after Jindy or Stewart, or visiting Myles’ barber?

I have learned that winning the league will not satisfy this team & that they will be hungry to achieve more particularly in the cups next season.

Albion players recognise they set an example for many of our opponents in this league & that our way has been the right way, the Albion way. Players have really driven themselves & their bodies into the ground, Stewart & Steve exemplify this, Dave, Jindy & Rich have been injury free & Nick has really continued to develop & become a key personality & player this season. Vilem also looks like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.


JM: On to next season, what will the club be looking to achieve both on and off the pitch?

JB: We enter the season as Champions in the 50th year of Albion’s existence our first aim is to defend our crown & to win every competition we enter on the pitch. It will be tougher but we will have a strong pre-season with 2 or 3 additions & I’m confident if players remain poor in injury & rich in desire then we give ourselves a great chance. Off the pitch we will celebrate our anniversary where possible with everyone who was/is connected to The Albion. It’s very important that as custodians of this club we deliver another 50 years & we thank Roger, Dave, Neale for all their hard work to date. We will look to deliver more Charity work & also set a legacy for our selves in Sunday football. Hopefully Will can still touch his toes.


JM: Getting a bit personal now, where on earth do you get those hats from? Because I want one of course <ahem>.

While magicians pull rabbits out of hats, I pull hats out of rabbits.

Seriously I get them all over, wherever I lay my hats that’s my home, but unfortunately it keeps stopping at the same place. I’m cultivating my thirties look from The Sting*.

*Not to be confused with tantric loving, Geordie of the band Police


JM: You’re known for your superstitions. Did you wear your trusted tracksuit bottoms in every game this season?

JB: I believe I did, there was one training session where I did not wear them & I was particularly uncomfortable about this. I’ve had the same training top for 18 years also but that only gets worn when I am selected to play. Other superstitions I share are that I get nervous at the bench flipping in the changing room with Barny being a serial flipper.


JM: Lastly, just thinking about Asian midfielders and free-kicks for a second – who scored your favourite goal this season?

Pretty sure Michael Chopra scored one this season for Cardiff, can’t remember against whom.

While Duncan’s goal was excellent, Jindy’s goal pivotal v Navigados, Barny’s goal equality for Gingers, I must say my favourite goal probably was Matt’s v Southbank. Pivotal as he was on fire, he was the smallest guy on the pitch, it defeated Southbank while Barny was still walkin’ here. However, Nick is still the only one who really celebrates his goals.

Albion FC - 2010/11 Division 1 Champions (and poor choosers of hairdressers)

League Table

Cup Results

Marcus Lipton Cup – Runners Up (Lost to De Novo)

Frank Blunstone Cup – Quarter Finals (Lost to Westminster Wanderers I)

Surrey Cup – 2nd Round (Lost to Merton Rangers)

2010/2011 Albion Stats

2010/2011 Marcus Lipton Cup

MLC - Semi

MLC - quarterfinal

2011 MLC Round 22011 MLC Round 1

2010/2011 Frank Blunstone Cup – Eliminated in Quarter Finals

2011 FBC

2010/2011 Surrey Cup (Sunday Premier) – Eliminated in Second Round

Surrey Cup Round 2

Surrey Cup Round 1

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