James O’Brien

Albion’s own sexual deviant blows us away with easily the most nicknames in the team, plus now Quagmire to add to the list.

Official club photo to follow.

Name: James O’Brien
Age: 28
Height: 184
Previous clubs: St George, University of Leeds, Cell Block H, Old Wilsonians, Clare College
Club you support: Bristol City (Soft spot for Man Utd from a mis-spent youth)
Favourite food: Roast beef
Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption
Favourite TV programme: Inspector Morse
Favourite player: Eric Cantona
Player you are most like: Ledley King (same knees)
Do you have any non-Albion nicknames: Brigger, Briggsy, JOB, Bob, Jimbo, OB-wan, Ledley
Best subject at school: PE
Superstitions: None
Career highlight: Winning first 17 games of season en route to league championship / scoring 15 goals in 6 games
Favourite music: Indie
Other job: General Manager for Maternity & Neonatology
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: Work in progress; music and staring usually works
Best piece of footballing advice: pass and F*ck(ng move
Favourite football game of all time: England 4 W Germany 2
Favourite drink: Red wine
Pre-match meal: Toast and fruit (kick off too early anything else!)
Worst football pundit: Tough because there are sooo many bad ones: Townsend, Earle, Dixon,
Pin-up: Megan Fox
All time greatest football team: (Starting 11) 

1. Schmeichel

2. G Neville

3. Roberto Carlos 

4. Keane 

5. Desailly 

6. Moore 

7. Beckham 

8. R. Charlton 

9. Pele 

10. Maradona 

11. C. Ronaldo


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