Harry Carlile

Harry CarlileThe Albion have an illustrious history of footballing brothers with the Carliles’ currently keeping this noble lineage alive. Carlile junior famously marked his Albion debut with a first half hat-trick. In the finest traditions of Albion tactics, he was taken off at half-time. Here Harry tells us about bacon, bitterness and birds with big boobs.

Name: Harry Baynes A. Carlile
Age: 24 years young
Height: 5 10
Previous clubs: Berkhamsted Raiders, Liverpool University
Club you support: The Gooners
Favourite food: Bacon
Favourite film: either North by North West, The King and I or Slumdog Millionaire
Favourite TV programme: The Wire
Favourite player: Bergkamp
Player you are most like: Robin Van Persie – left footed and had the same haristyle since 1997.
Do you have any non-Albion nicknames: The Bacon King/Haz
Best subject at school: General Studies, bossed it.
Superstitions: two pairs of football socks and not talking to the missus after a loss.
Career highlight: Reaching the 2006 County Cup and District Cup Semi Finals at school only to be knocked out in both on penalties to the same team, our bitter rivals Cavendish of Hemel Hempstead. I look back now with mixed emotions but ulitmately pride overides any animosity. Sure I had a goal disallowed and the penalties were taking at twilight and the ref was a joke and we were ultimately better than them and above all were much nicer chaps but to say I’m a sore loser is just an outright lie.
Favourite music: Lo-Fi surf rock
Job: work for an acting agency
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: I simply look at myself in the mirror and say ‘release the hounds..’ then run to clapham common.
Best piece of footballing advice: Pass it in triangles
Favourite football game of all-time: When Arsenal won the league at Tottenham/Stoke away on a cold Monday night
Favourite drink: Orangina
Pre-match meal: Bacon sandwhich plus a Banana if I can stomach one
Worst football pundit: Andy Townsend the drab bastard.
Pin-up: Jordan coz of er big knockers
All-time greatest football team: (in the style of Pro Evolution Soccer)

GK David Sheman (David Seaman)

LB Bobby Cavro (Roberto Carlos)
CB Soul Campbell (Sol Campbell)
CB Yapp Slam (Yap Stam)
RB Nigal Winterburton (Nigel Winterburn)

RW David Brixton (David Beckham)
CM Zelophane Zenan (Zinedine Zidan)
CM George Weir IV (George Weir)
LF Mark Orhailmanaz (Marc Overmars)

SS Berghaus (Dennis Bergkamp)
CF Fad Ronoodle (Ronaldo – the original one)

Bench: Emmanuel Eboue

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