Donovan Bailey


Donovan Bailey

The Don speaks! He tells all about jam and cheese sandwiches, scarves, and why The Don feat. Dan Roberts could soon be available in all good record shops.




Name: Donovan Bailey

Nicknames: The Don, The Black Salmon, Don Juan, Don Dada, Donnie, Don Father

Age: 30

Height: 6.0ft

Previous clubs: Under-16’s Portland FC Under 21s-Unity FC

Favourite food: West Indian food/Italian. Also jam and cheese sandwich is the bomb!

Favourite film: Too many to mention, but a few I could mention is, 25th hour, Gladiator, American History X, Carlito’s Way, Oldboy, Jason Bourne Collection.

Favourite TV program: Smallville, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond (Hilarious) Question time (believe it or not)

Favourite Player: Micheal Essien

Player you’re most like: Johan Cruyff

Best subject at school: P.E. Art and design, Music

Superstitions/ How do you get psyched up before playing a match: Jump up three times, and look up to the sky (don’t ask me why!)

Favourite music: At the moment Dubstep/Reggae

Career highlight: Working for the best computer company in the world!!

Other job: Graphic Designer

You are one of Albion glove wearing players, would you ever consider wearing John Barnes style tights: Are you having a laugh? But considering wearing a scarf s**t gets cold out there!

If you had a sister which Albion player would you least like to date and why: It would have to be Jon Roberts, as he is infamous for his tea bagging and filthy pelvic movements during warm ups!! Lol.. I wouldn’t want to know what they would get up to!!

Who will win euro 2008: Germany

You always sit by the door in the changing rooms is there a reason why: 3 reasons, one when someone lets one off, don’t want to smell that shit (literally). Two, if it kicks off I wont let no one leave!! Three, I can leave first without being told to take the kit!! Lol…

Favourite game of all time: Arsenal v Spurs 5-4/Chelsea v Spurs 4-4/ West Ham v Spurs 3-4

Favourite drink: Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Ginger Beer, (Virgin) Pina Colarda

Cage fight to the death, Jon vs Stew, who wins: To the point Stewart

Pre match meal: Cereal, Toast, Banana, Juice

Favourite football pundit: Chris Kamara (Classic perm)

You record your own music, if you had to pick on Albion player to sing on one of your tracks who would it be: I reckon Dan Roberts (with his eclectic music knowledge)

Most annoying ref in the Southern Sunday: Carlos, or the the league chairman ref, (what a wanker)

Pin up: (Me) If not me then Andrea Rincon (Woo)

Pick your all-time greatest team: Schmeichael, Roberto Carlos, Ferdinand, Paolo Maldini, Cafu, Essien, Messi, Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Marco Van Basten

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