Andy McCue

Andy McCueAndy talks about his schooling at Albion’s Australian Soccer Academy, playing in damp boots, and why George Best is his role model.

Name: Andrew McCue
Age: 30
Height: 5ft 11 and a half inches
Previous clubs: Knutton Y&A, Newcastle Rangers, Leigh Rangers, Florence Colliery Football Club, JFG Wanderers.
Club you support: Stoke City
Favourite food: Sunday Lunch – Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puds and Roasties in Goose Fat doesn’t get any better than that
Favourite film: Scarface
Favourite TV programme: Only Fools & Horses
Favourite player: George Best – the way a footballer should conduct himself both on and off the field.
Player you are most like: A modern day Graeme Souness
Do you have any non-Albion nicknames: Cuey – as my surname is McCue, one that stuck from Infants school. I also had a stint known as J-Lo while playing at Florence, which I’m sure Stew can associate with.
Best subject at school: Maths/PE
Superstitions: Don’t put my shin pads on until just before kick off and squirt the boots with some water, although this is mainly to soften the leather and improve my first touch
Career highlight: Junior football – a league and cup double with Newcastle Rangers, senior football – being the second best team in Stoke as Florence came second in the league and lost in 2 cup finals all in one season.
Favourite music: Love a bit of madchester(oasis, roses, charlatans, mondays) and maybe surprisingly old skool house & the occasional bit of trance obviously in the right environment!!!
Other job: Accountant
You are a graduate of Albion’s Australian academy run by Albion legend Neale Scott. Did you ever see Neale perform a ‘backwards tackle’ and the ‘Scott turn’? Can you perform these skills yourself? I have witnessed both the ‘backwards tackle’ and the ‘Scott turn’. I cheered the ugly looking ‘backwards tackle’ to which Neale saluted. But the whole bench went off when he pulled off the turn I now know as the ‘Scott turn’. He may have even been branded Brazilian by one of the lads who was standing mouth gaping wide open in amazement at such outlandish skill.

The backwards tackle and the Scott turn was embraced by all at JFG Wanderers and the following pre-season the gaffer opened up a Skills clinic, at which Neale was invited to teach the lads how to get to grips with pulling off both skill sets. While being given top marks for my backwards tackle, Neale pulled me to one side and told me my Scott turn was average at best and probably best if I left it to the professionals.
How did Neale sell the Albion to you? And how disappointed were you with the reality? 20 quid a week and a curly wurly if I scored. Very, I have to pay subs and I haven’t seen a curly wurly all season!!
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: Sizing up the opposition and looking for the biggest gob-shite amongst them that may need a whack in the first 5 minutes.
Best piece of footballing advice: I have 2. Placement not power when shooting and one my old 5-a-side mates will tell you I live by is ‘stand him up’.
Favourite football game of all time: 2008 0-0 against Leicester, they hit the bar and got relegated. We got the draw we needed and went up!
Favourite drink: Mojitos or champagne
Pre-match meal: Don’t eat before a game
Worst football pundit: Andy Townsend
Pin-up: Kate Beckinsale run close by Kim Kardashian
All time greatest football team: Schmeichel, Cafu, Bobby Moore, Fabio Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos, Best, Beckenbauer, Zidane, Maradonna, Pele, Fat Ronaldo when thin and good

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