Simon Abbott

Simon AbbottFamed for his cut throat shoulder blades and birds nest hair. Meet the UK’s only fan of Ian Wright’s punditry.





Name: Simon Abbott…or Abbo as my mates know me as
Age: 25
Height: Beyond 6 ft, how much beyond I’m not actually sure
Previous clubs: A variety in the Leicester areas (Seaton FC, Wigston Youth predominately)
Club you support: Arsenal
Favourite food: Has to be a good curry (Cinammon Tree in raynes park do the best takeaway)
Favourite film: Back to the Future…legendary trilogy
Favourite TV programme: Tough one this not much time for the old box, maybe Spooks or Dragons Den
Favourite player: off all time Maradona, currently Riquelme
Player you are most like: Patrick Viera, lanky, can get about and once a season might blast a 30 yard volley in the top corner.
Do you have any non Albion nicknames: Abbo (original I know)
Best subject at school: PE (specialising in cross country running until I discovered alcohol)
Superstitions: naa waste of time
Career highlight: scoring from the halfway line with a looping thump at the ripe age of my career (~16, which my team mates immediately surrounding me moaned for wasting possession and gave my shit for until they saw the net bulge and in disbelief and then bowed down to me……also getting through to national semi finals with my U19 school team in 2000.
Favourite music: Most indie stuff, flavour of the month at the mo is the new Kings of Leon album, but some others…Killers, Cold War Kids, block party, maccabees, muse, radiohead, Rage, YYYs, strokes etc.. you get the gist
Other job: Geotechnical engineer with Network Rail
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: Ipod on the way to those lovely changing rooms
If you had a sister, which Albiones would you not you let her date and why: Jade; his thoughts on pregnant women on the way to the first of the cup games in Morden were disturbing to say the least
Best piece of footballing advice: Iif in doubt whoof it out
Favourite football game of all-time: Inter Milan 1 – 5 Arsenal. Henry hat trick, what a game..
Favourite drink: Cherry coke (or Guinness cold)
Pre-match meal: Branflakes
Favourite football pundit: I do like Ian Wright when he bounces around the studio and comes out with nothing really coherent
Pin-up: Kelly Brook has still got whatever it is
Pick your all-time greatest team: Dino Zoff; Maldini, Cafu, Beckenbaeur, Bobby Moore; Stanley Matthews, Gullit, Cryuff, Rijkyard; Maradona, Pele….in a    1 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 1 – 1

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