Myles Desenberg

Myles DesenbergRead about dating opportunities for the Donfather, pop career opportunities for the Ginger Prince, and why Turkish vegetarian food is the key to good health. Wot no kebabs?!?





Name: Myles Desenberg
Age: 29 years young
Height: 186cm to be exact.
Previous clubs: Mosman FC, Norths Sydney Bears, Queens Park.
Club you support: As random as this sounds I tend to support premier league teams that have had or have aussies in them. I got a soft spot for the likes of Everton, Blackburn and Liverpool, as contradictory (and stupid) as it may seem.
Favourite food: Been on a bit of a health kick inspired by my girl, so vegetarian turkish food is at the fore. Again another random testament!
Favourite film: List is pretty long so but I guess the most recent addition I saw was ‘The Assasination of Jesse James’. Wicked film!
Favourite TV programme: Lets say Match of The Day on a Saturday evening to get me pumped for the day ahead.
Favourite player: Tim Cahill is always up there for is dogged approach and commitment. Typical aussie football prowess, ha ha! which isn’t always a good thing, trust me.
Heroes outside of football: Got to say my bro, always find ourselves on a similar path in life.
Do you have any non Albion nicknames: Mylo
Best subject at school: I know I meant to say sport but truth be known, it would have to be art.
Superstitions: My ankle will snap if not strapped. Maybe not a superstition?

Career highlight: 3 titles in 3 years with the Mighty Reds (Queens Park), moving up 4 divisions in the process!
Favourite music: Always a hard task narrowing it down but the London vibe is definitely strong on my ipod at the moment with a bunch of UK Funky, Bassline, Garage, Dubstep and club stuff on there.
Other job: Actually got two ‘careers’ going at the moment, by day I work as a film/video editor, director, camera operator and by night I am a music producer. I never know which one is my hobby or my passion so lets just say they are both my careers!
The Albion website understands that outside of football you are something of a musician/producer. Please tell us something about your projects?: Back in aussie I had been dj’ing for ages but only in the last year or two I started to lending my ears to the production side of things. I joined up with my bro and we started to produce and remix under the name ‘Two Fresh’. Things have gone really well for us so we are both pretty stoked. We have had our first single come out after a stack of remixes and it has done really well in the Club Charts back home. We have an EP coming out Jan next  year which we are currently hectically gearing towards.
If you had to pick one Albion player to front one of your musical ventures, which one would it be?: Has to be the Will! Those hip jirations are bound to get the ladies in a fix. Perfect frontman..
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: The mummifying of both ankles always gets me in the mood. Once the ankles are strapped and the armour is on I know I am ready for battle.
If you had a sister, which Albiones would you not you let her date and why: Don would get a crack. He doesn’t drink and I don’t think I have heard him swear so I know she wouldn’t be getting up to too much mischief and that my mum would be proud. I hope!
Best piece of footballing advice: As a defender Dunc lent an invaluable piece of advice that took me back to my under 7’s days. Don’t stand straight on. It isn’t pretty when the striker nutmegs you in front of goal.
Favourite football game of all-time: Australia vs Uruguay. Australia win on penalties and went through to the World Cup. First World Cup featuring the aussies that I got to experience. The stadium was electric. never experienced anything like it.
Favourite drink: Put simply, beer.
Pre-match meal: Porridge and banana, or baked beans if I feel like sharing.
Worst football pundit: Got to be Robbie Slater, commentates the A-League. He is an ex striker and every single time someone shoots and doesn’t score he has the same remarks-  EVERY SINGLE TIME – mostly, ‘he didn’t get his head up’ or ‘he just lent to far back’. Too funny.
Pin-up: Amy B!
Pick your all-time greatest team: Ronaldo, Zidane, Pele, Messi, Maradona, Klinsmann, Buffon, Gerrard, Gheorge Hagi, Backenbauer, Puyol

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