Punglish – Danny Minj’s Pundit Page

A corridor of uncertainty for punditry’s self inflicted verbal reducers.

“He’s pulling the strings without them really going anywhere” (Robbie Savage on FiveLive challenging the conventional laws of physics)

“The Merseyside derby used to be a real hot potato.” (Dinner at John Aldridge’s must be a strange affair)

“He’s come in and turned the club around 365 degrees” (So back to where it already was then? Anonymous on FiveLive, and probably for the best)

“There’s been silence coming out of St. James Park all day.” (If only that was true of SkySports News roving ‘reporters’)

“Aaron Ramsey has that intangible ability to go past people in midfield” (He’s literally untouchable, Clive, according to Kevin Campbell)

“It was literally raining goals here today.” (Let’s hope Martin Keown had a sturdy umbrella)

“Lampard, Terry, Cech and Drogba are all around that mythical age of 30” (we can exclusively confirm that the age of 30 is not a myth, it’s actually real)

“Agger cut out the interception.” (That really is reading the game well)

“Rooney has stepped up to the mantle and grabbed it with both hands. And he’s relishing in it.” (Cookery with James Beattie)

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