Greg Williams

Greg WilliamsRegurgitated kebabs, beer and steak pizza. Greg talks about his diet of champions.





Name: Greg Williams
Age: 26
Height: 6ft 2
Previous clubs: AA anonymous (was asked to leave) ………. Corbridge UTD and Tynedale UTD
Club you support: Man U… Premiership & European Champions.. (Not a glory seeker lived there)
Favourite food: curry.. Chips cheese and garlic.. Pizza as long as it’s got meat on it.. Steak.. Steak pizza even better.
Favourite film: Bond and Bourne films, anything with blood guts and plenty of killing.. Any Given Sunday, Heat, Wall Street, Dumb and Dumber, Anchorman and of course a bit of blue!!
Favourite TV programme: Sopranos, West Wing, Spooks, Top Gear, Family Guy.
Favourite player: Cantona.. arrogant son of a bi#ch, but you have to admire him..
Player you are most like: I would like to say someone like Giggs or Rooney, I have the same physique as him but think I’m going to have to say Gazza.. (the same priorities)!!
Hero outside of footy: Chuck Fu*king Norris
Do you have any non Albion nicknames: God!!! Babies arm!!! But to name a few
Best subject at school: Lunch time!
Superstitions: “the writing’s on the wall”
Career highlight: Playing 90 mins in the pre season tour… oh and getting jandy’d while leaving my hat on!!
Favourite music: Love the funky house, dance… and dire straits
Other job: Doing my bit to destabilise the Uk economy.. Business banker
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: Jade does it for me!!
Who is the UK’s hardest TV presenter? Danny ‘Football Factories’ Dyer or Ross ‘on Gangs’ Kemp: What kind of questions are these!!! Both are soft southern fairy’s but out of the two i would have to say Ross Kemp without a bought Danny dyer is a little turd.
If you had a sister, which Albiones would you not let her date and why: I’m from Newcastle, if I had a sister, I would have no say in the matter and she would have already been roasted by you all at the Christmas party.
Best piece of footballing advice: Dont be late “by the love of god! Do not be late”, and don’t use Nike football boots you all know way this is.
Favourite football game of all-time: Obviously the predictable ones such as Man U winning the European cup in the last second against Bayern Munich, and of course “Mr Chelsea” crying after he just handed Man U the European cup again… but i have to go with Man U beating Arsenal 4-2, when Ronaldo scored his first goal he did the Henry celebration (figure on the lips.. ssshh) in front of the Arsenal fans and then to top it off the embarrassment of John O Shea scoring a blinder and standing still cos even he couldn’t believe he had just scored… classic
Favourite drink: “Jandee” its a type of shandy with a twist..
Pre-match meal: The regurgitated remains of last night’s chips or kebab
Most annoying football pundit: Lee “nothing ever wrong with arsenal” Dixon.. what a “see you next Tuesday”
Most annoying Southern Sunday ref: I seem to have a repore with all the southern Sunday refs probably due to my professional manner when running the line every week!!!!!
Pin-up: Cheryl Tweedy…. that’s Tweedy not Cole.. she’s doing it for us Geordies
Pick your all-time greatest team: I’ve gone for a 3-5-2 formation.. Schmeichel.. Maldini..Bechenbuer…bobby Moore…. in midfield… Roy Keane.. C.Ronaldo..Zidane.. Best.. Messi.. up front… Cantona…Maradonna… hell yerr!!!!!

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