James O’Donohue

Albion’s “Phil Neville”, whether it’s centre midfield, left back or right back, he plays them all to a mediocre standard and with a face like Albert Steptoe.


“Ah meat” – Albion’s O’Dizzle

Name: James O’Donohue
Age: 33
Height: 6ft 1”
Previous clubs: Newport Cosmopolitan, Caerleon AFC, Celtic Manor
Club you support: Spurs
Favourite food: Meat
Favourite film: Lord of the Kings
Favourite TV programme: Eastbound and Down
Favourite player: Bale
Player you are most like: Bale
Do you have any non-Albion nicknames: O’Dog, O’Dizzle, J-ROD,
Best subject at school: Your mum
Superstitions: 2 Drains

If you had a sister, which Albiones would you not you let her date and why: Stew. He knows her well enough already
Career highlight: Lobbed keeper from the half way line in the last minute as the winner in a 5-4 win
Favourite music: House every weekend
Job: Agency Controller. Not that you care
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: Drink
Best piece of footballing advice: Get your shots off
Favourite football game of all-time: Spurs 3-1 Inter
Favourite drink: Booze
Pre-match meal: Humble pie
Worst football pundit: DAVID PLEAT
Pin-up: Jet from Gladiators….still
All-time greatest football team 11:
Roberto Carlos
Cristiano Ronaldo
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