Matt Turner

Turner: Blames Jade's iPhone for the absence of his proper picture.

Turner: Blames Jade's iPhone for the absence of his proper picture.

One of Albion’s new recruits tells us about drunken tattoos. meeting Pele and what it’s like to being Tevez but without the skill.

Name: Matt Turner
Age: 28
Height: 5ft 9’
Previous clubs: Seaforth, Wakehurst, Mosman, Manly Warringah, Hanwell Town
Club you support: Arsenal & Sheffield Wednesday
Favourite food: Steak or lamb shanks. Medium rare.
Favourite film: How can you pick one………Alright lets go with The legend of Ron Burgundy…Anchorman!
Favourite TV programme: Football First or Match of the Day
Favourite player: For oldskool I would say Pele, can’t not mention Bergkamp but favourite current player would have to be Messi.
Player you are most like: Cantona (White line fever) but if your talking looks I would say Danny Murphy (balding midfielder). Also a bit like Tevez without the skill – never giver up and chase down everything!
Do you have any non-Albion nicknames: None as yet but I am open to em!
Best subject at school: Lunch
Superstitions: Lucky number 13, thought I was born on Friday the 13th for years then got a drunk tattoo on my ribs when in indo. Turns out I was born on a Tuesday. Still lucky though as I didn’t contract hepatitis from the dodgy needle!
Career highlight: Meeting Pele is up there, Playing Vs Wimbledon AFC (and getting drummed 6-1) or scoring a bicycle in a five a side game for the Australian under 18’s side in the semi final of the Como cup in Italy.
You’ve met Pele, can you describe the circumstances: Pele was brought to Australia by my junior coach Richard Alagich who had some connection to him somehow or other. Somehow he talked him into opening “the Australian school of soccer” which I was part of when I was about 15, basically like a kids soccer school. Pele flew in cut the ribbon to the school About 30 of us all got to meet him and shake his hand have a chat for a couple of minutes. Think I asked him some stupid question like what was your favourite goal, can’t even remember his answer to be honest I was fairly star struck but I ended up on the TV on Sports Tonight looking like a real little baldie. Got a hand signed letter written from him about his life too which was a nice touch.

How did you come to play against AFC Wimbledon: With the Wimbledon game we played them in a pre-season friendly when I played for Hanwell Town about 6 years ago – they spanked us and taught us a real football lesson. Reckon it was probably there third string team too!
Favourite music: Love a bit of Rock n Roll or if I was after a beat I would go for some Jazzy House music. Open to any music though.
Other job: Education Recruitment Consultant
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: Crank some tunes on the train down from Dalston followed by a couple of bananas!
Best piece of footballing advice: Play the ball to feet and work hard off the ball to create space.
Favourite football game of all time: For a live game it would have to be the Arsenal vs Tottenham 4-4 in 2008, even though it was a painful comeback it was absolutely unbelievable. On the tele would have to be the Aussies qualifier for the 2006 world cup vs Uruguay – penalty shootout and will remain in memories of the aussies forever!!!
Favourite drink: JD and Coke or Guinness
Pre-match meal: Banana (occasionally a JD coke also here dependant on the previous nights shananigans!)
Worst football pundit: Even though he is a gooner Paul Merson is such a misery.
Pin-up: Elle Macpherson, love the cougars (brought on by a Canadian experience).
All time greatest football team: Pele, Bergkamp, Messi, Giggs, Beckham, Hagi, Roberto Carlos, Beckenbaur, Maldini, Terry Butcher, Rene Higuita (purely for the scorpion save!)

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