Albion kicked off the New Year with a 5-3 loss to Parklife. Despite pulling it back to 1-1 and being in the ascendancy, some slack play during a 15 minute period resulted in the Albion going in 4-1 down at halftime.

Another Will scooter picture.

Another Will scooter picture.

A spirited and much improved performance wasn’t enough to overturn the first half deficit.

MOM saw Aleks pick up a solitary vote for third. Tim, who had a stint at LB and then CM, doing excellently in both positions to come in second with 3 votes.

However, it was Woody with a battling forward display who took the award with 5 votes (and now goes clear with a season total of 3).

Parklife received a vote in “Henri Leconte” for spending their money on a Christmas single, rather than enough shirts to actually play in.

The Parklife left-back, wearing gloves with a short sleeved shirt, picked up a vote for a bizarre rant involving “boat races” and “accounts departments”. No me neither.

Stand-out winner was Tim, with 6 votes for producing a sublime bit of skill in scissor kicking the ball in the corner from the edge of the box to make it 5-3.

However, the votes were for the fact he immediately got double cramp and instead of celebrating, was on his back with his feet in the air.

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