MOM & HL V AFC Hammersmith

It is fair to say that the overall team performance in losing 5-0 to AFC Hammersmith, was shite.

"Ol' Green Fingers" Nick Evans checking out local flora.

“Ol’ Green Fingers” Nick Evans checking out local flora.

However, there was one standout performance and that was Marcus Fletcher operating in his new role at left back. Marcus showed endeavour not matched by the rest of the team and picked up 6 votes, to walk away with this week’s award. Nearest to Marcus was Woody with 2 votes. Matt, Chaz and Tim all registered a vote each.

Albion new boy Teddy, down watching his first game with father and Albion captain Aleks Turner, also registered a vote. Not the first time a dribbling, incoherent, “unsteady on his feet” performance picked up a MOM vote in the Albion awards.

Henri Leconte was equally spread.

With Chaz, who received a vote for a chimpanzee impersonation whilst trying to take down the nets on his own.

Chaz also received a vote from yours truly for this bizarre exchange…

Stew, “Nick Evans was going to the gym a lot whilst on gardening leave”.

Chaz, “I didn’t realise Nick was a gardener”.

Others to receive a single vote included Tom – for admitting having his hair chemically straightened, Neil for describing the Alex barmaid as “packing” and the oppo injured player for getting all aggro for a variety of reasons.

Joint winners and both receiving 3 votes, were Neil for arguing and squaring up with the oppo injured player and Alex W for a weak clearance with gave AFC Hammersmith the ball and an early lead. (Alex voted for himself).

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