Dinah Washington once sang, “What a difference a day makes”. I’ve a feeling Dinah never had a day like Nick Milne and I therefore felt it apt to let 7 days pass before posting last week’s awards.

Chaz using his "new" Nokia 3210.

Chaz using his “new” Nokia 3210.

In a first, I feel we should talk about the “Henri Leconte” award before the “MOM” awards.

On any other week, phoning me up at 10.10 to ask me what train he needed to get on from Vauxhall would have made Charlie a clear winner. This was later followed by at text at 10.39 to tell me he was at “Esher”, despite me being unable to answer given I would have been 10 minutes into the game.

However, far and away the “winner” was Nick Milne with an astonishing 10 votes! With the game poised on a knife edge at 2-2 and with 5 minutes to go, Nick was 30 yards out and closing down on the opposition keeper. Typically the keeper tried one of his “Rene Higuita” moves, only to be dispossessed by the onrushing Milne.

Nick was then clear through on goal, with no one around to challenge him – cue 9 loud cheers, hand pumps and returning goalkeeper Blaney popped off 2 rounds from this Colt .45.

Then the rattle! With the ball looping up and out of play, following a thumping against the crossbar.

For the remainder of the game and most of the post-match, Albion’s own “Rain Man” was heard repeatedly saying “Uh-oh! I’ve hit the bar! Uh-oh! I’ve hit the bar! Uh-oh! I’ve hit the bar!” and the Albion had to settle for a 2-2 draw.

An honourable mention should also go to Putney’s goalie, who post game was seen driving from the ground in the World’s smallest affordable car – knee’s up against the steering wheel. 

Man of the Match was hotly contested between Will C playing the “Dave Role” and Nick M, with Nick pipping Will to win the award 4-3.

Bill, Josh and Stew all picked up a vote a piece.

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