Albion fan favourite and midfield dynamo, Will Carlile, has sensationally been shot down by the Albion Supporters Trust after a photo appeared online of Carlile showing off his new hipster bike.

Carlile : Albion Bike Hipster

Carlile : Albion Bike Hipster

The photo, shown on hipster wank-fest site “The Hackney Peddler” shows Carlile looking sheepishly into the camera whilst holding his new bike.

Albion Supporters Trust’s Chairwoman, “Woman with Dog” had this to say, “We’ve just suffered two of the worst results in our history and he’s showing off his new bike”. Adding, “This is about the fifth bike he’s had this season and shows no regard for the non-paying fans”.

Albion Manager Stewart Lauder, did not comment. As he is still unable to speak after two consecutive heavy losses, which have left him perilously close to being sacked by Albion Chairman, Jade Barker.

Leaping to the defence of his brother, crocked Albion striker Harry Carlile spoke up. “I know the way it looks, it looks bad. But contrary to reports, he doesn’t have a “collection” of vintage bikes. Yes, he has had 5 bikes this season but that’s only because he’s got pissed and lost the last 4 whilst in the Clapham area”.

Albion Supporters Trust’s Chairwoman, “Woman with Dog” raged further, “And he seems to be wearing one of those stupid fishing jackets that all the younger players have started wearing. Bring back the days of players warming up in leather motorbike jackets”.

This Sunday, all eyes will be on Carlile as he takes to the field in the Surrey Cup game, away to Follyhill FC.

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