Barker: Graced game with moment of magic.

Barker: Graced game with moment of magic.

The votes have been counted and independently ajudicated. In third place in this weeks man of the match vote was Duncan Twigg. In second place was Steve Leslie, however, the winner was Matt Turner.

Now to the Henri Leconte. Steve, not content turning with turning up in the changing rooms from the 1970s, wanted to go back and time by trying to play in Albion’s old strip. Rich was also nominated for letting his WAG out the car. Will was nominated for his trying to replace his ‘Kazbag’ with the ‘plasbag’, two unremarkable plastic which he foolishly thought would spare him further changing room humiliation.

However, the winner this week was Jade Barker. But wait, not for a diabolical pun or mallapropism. This time it was for a gracing the game with a piece of magic. As a punted Westminster clearance descended towards Jade from the heavens he killed the ball dead with one touch. Of his left foot. C’est magnifique!

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