Ralph McBaiden

“Buff Ralph”, aka Ralphy Wiggum, aka The Black Highlander talks bowel movements and Dave McPhee.

Name: Ralph McBaiden
Age: 22
Height: 6ft 5
Previous clubs: Southbank/Albion Rovers (u14-u16s no connection to The Albion FC or the Scottish Second Division team), Parkwood FC, Kent FC (University)
Club you support: Man U
Favourite food: Full Rack of BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Favourite film: Fight Club
Favourite TV programme: Family Guy
Favourite player: Don’t have one
Player you are most like: Patrick Vieira
Do you have any non-Albion nicknames: Ralphy Wiggum, Raiden (Ralph + McBaiden), The Black Highlander
Best subject at school: Anything with numbers Maths/Statistics
Superstitions: Every meal put in front of me must be eat from left to right on the plate, or the world as I know it will fall apart.

Career highlight: Winning the U16’s Croydon Cup and Croydon League, and getting my name in the Croydon Advertiser was definately the pinnical of my short Career. (it’s also on google)
Favourite music: Hip-hop/R&B/Funky House
Other job: Management Accountant for Chanel
How do you psyche yourself up for Albion games: After my pre-match bowl movement I’m ready to take on anyone, then listen to some Rick Ross to get me pumped on the drive

Best piece of footballing advice: Always keep your head over the ball when shooting, if you do it right there’s no way the shot is going over the cross bar. How I scored my Goal of the season 11/12.
Favourite football game of all time: Pro Evo Soccer 3
Favourite drink: Tropical Lucozade
Pre-match meal: Two bananas and some toast, if not, left overs from previous days dinner.
Pin-up: Dave McPhee
All time greatest football team: (Starting 11)


P. Schmeichel


G. Neville

L. Thuram

J. Stam

D. Alves


Z. Zindane

A. Iniesta



C. Ronaldo

S. Eto

T. Henry

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