Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Alex Wichelo!

Sunday saw an Albion first with Alex coming out of goal and scoring twice, to move up to 2 in the goal scoring charts alongside current striker Chaz!

The “Calcium Kid” : “It’s me groin, it’s buggered!”

The tactical change came after Sean “The Calcium Kid”, “Wheatabix Man”, “I can’t believe he’s not butter” Holden hobbled into goal just 5 minutes, following a “groin strain”.

Before Al was to get on the score sheet, the Albion conceded 4 to go in 4 nil down at half-time.

The second half saw the Albion claw 2 back after both teams went down to 10 men, following a double sending off. FC Morden also scored 2 second half goals, meaning the game ended 6-2 to FC Morden.

Such a performance inevitably meant Al picked up “MOM” with 6 votes.

The only other 3 votes went to Stew, for what can only be described as the “ironic/joke vote” for being given his marching orders during the second half.

“Henri Leconte” was a certainty to feature all of the aforementioned and it did.

Chaz picked up a vote for providing the 2 assists to bring Al level with himself in the scoring charts and hating himself whilst doing so!

Stew picked up a vote for his second half misdemeanour.

Sean picked up 3 votes for “being made of play dough” and “outrageously bad in goal” (at least he stayed on).

However, taking the double and winning was Al Wichelo for celebrating like he’d won the World Cup, putting his finger to his lips in a mock gesture to the FC Morden left back – despite the score being 6-1 at the time.

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