Albion continued their rollercoaster season by recovering from last week’s league loss to Westminster, winning the Marcus Lipton first round fixture 3-0.

Chaz - "Has anyone seen me tackle?"

Chaz – “Has anyone seen me tackle?”

At times the forward play was a joy to watch, whilst the backline produced a “robust” display denying the opposition any time on the ball and dealing with the barrage of high balls.

“Man of the Match” produced one stand out performance, Will Carlile picking up 7 votes for a Billy Bremner display, snapping away at the heels of the opposition like a demented Jack Russell as well as producing numerous moments of quality whilst in possession.

Charlie came second with 2 votes, whilst Aleks and Walter picked up a vote a piece.

Some quality voting for this week’s “Henri Leconte”, Walter picked up 2 votes – one for his “casual and relaxed arrival”, despite being 20 minutes late and also by paying his subs with a dubious looking £50 note. Will C also featured with a vote for “losing his testes” after taking one in the knackers and Dave Mc picked up his obligatory vote for returning to stake another claim on the “Dave role”.

However, the second place and first place both went to Chaz. Firstly (and my favourite), he picked up a couple of votes for coming to the game and warming up in a fishing anorak. However, his oxymoronic “winner” was for the absolute sitter his missed – although we cannot be sure if it was the first half one or the second half one!

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