An abysmal turnout in player numbers this week and next was also reflected in the number of responses to the MOM & HL email. Nevertheless, we should still give credit where credit is due!

New Albion Centre Mid : It wasn't me, honest. It must have been McPhee or Little Geoff.

New Albion Centre Mid : It wasn’t me, honest. It must have been McPhee or Little Geoff.

With a whopping vote a piece, the Carlile  brothers were joint second. However, winner of this week’s MOM and taking his tally for the season to 2 was Walter who made a succession of saves throughout the game.

Even though we only had 5 votes, they all went one way. Congratulations Don, you’ve won the season’s first wipe-out with all 5 votes for forgetting to bring both the balls and the medical kit. (Remember this week, you have the balls, medical kit and nets – although we won’t need the nets).

There was a dishonourable mention for the opposition managers dog. Who, as well as barking incessantly throughout the whole match, obstructed a St George’s players throw in and came onto the pitch with manager for every injury – and is set to make his Albion debut this weekend in the hope of injecting a bit of pace into the central midfield area.


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